Usage Guidance

Operating Hours

Open Hours and Tee Times
March to December January to February
Front Desk Open Hours 7:30 8:00
First Tee Time 8:00 8:30
Last Tee Time 15:30
House Closing Hour 18:00

Course Usage by Membership Category
Regular Members and Corporate Members All days excluding days closed
Weekly Members All other days excluding days closed, Sunday and Public Holidays
Family Members All other days excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

・Public holidays are defined as follows (as stipulated in Article 3 of the Public Holiday Law):
National holidays.
Following day of a national holiday if it falls on a Sunday.
Any day that falls between two other national holidays.
・Regular closing days are July 1, December 31 and every Monday. (If Monday is a public holiday, the following day will be closed.)
・Any other closing days will be determined by the governing board. Information is available in the ABIKO Magazine and other sources.

Tee Time Reservations

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

Guest Introduction

・A member may introduce 8 guests only on weekdays. (As a general rule, we accept up to 5 groups per day. Please note that the number will be restricted and is subject to change during peak season.)

・Applications are accepted from 4 months and will close on the corresponding day 3 months prior to play date. Members are asked to fill out the Guest Introduction Application Form. In the case of too many applications, guests will be drawn randomly. (Please contact by phone after 9:30 to apply after the application deadline.)

・A request form and a letter of introduction will be sent once the reservation is confirmed. Please fill out the request form with a signature and stamp of approval from a member and present it to the guest.

・Visiting guests are asked to fill out the Guest Introduction Letter and send it via post or fax 2 days prior to play date.

Family Guests

Family Guests are defined as member's spouse, lineal ascendants/descendants and their spouses, siblings and their spouses, and spouse's lineal ascendants/descendants. They are privileged to a green fee of 5,250 JPY on weekdays and 10,500 JPY on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Family Guest Reservations

・No more than 20 guests are eligible on weekdays and15 guests on Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays. A member is allowed up to 3 family guests.

・Members are asked to register their family guests at least one day prior to the play date. This also applies to family guests accompanying other members.
(Registration may be denied if it exceeds the acceptance limit.)

・Family guests may be accompanied by other guests on weekdays without a regular member to accompany the round. Please register the guests in the same manner as Guest Introduction.

・Family guests have the privilege to use the dining room and practice facilities regardless of play. Exception applies to no-guest-availability days as indicated in the Calendar of Events booklet.


Private Competitions


There must be at least 3 groups in the competition.
A member may register up to 10 groups.
Application is accepted at 13 months and closed on the corresponding day 12 months prior to the play date. A member is asked to register with the Private Competition Application Form. In the case of too many applications, the applicants will be drawn randomly. (Please contact by phone after 9:30 to apply after the application deadline.)
Request Form and Confirmation

Once a reservation has been confirmed, a request form will be sent. Please confirm the details such as date, time and participants.

Please turn in the Private Competition Application Form at least one month prior to the play date. Please turn in the Starting Time Table at least one week prior to the play date.


Reservation Cancellation and Changes


Please contact us to change or cancel a reservation.



・The competition consists of one round.
・Please use white or blue markers in the tee boxes. Women's markers (red) are also available.
・Maximum total handicap per group is 100.
・Frozen or refrigerated prizes are not advisable.
・One or more members are required to participate in the competition.
・Please refer to the Calendar of Events booklet for availability of competitions on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.


Banquet Pricelist
A 2,500JPY
B 3,000JPY
C 3,500JPY
★Price for one person, tax included
★Extra charge for drinks
★Menus subject to change by season
★Any other inquiries are welcome

Party Room Capacity (Approximate)
Seated Standing
Dining Hall 77 persons
Maximum 108 persons
150 persons
Party roomsA 14persons 130persons
B 14persons
C 14persons
D 14persons
E 24persons
All Rooms Combined 150persons 280persons

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