1.Refrain from moving, talking or standing in the way of or at a close distance to a player during a swing.
2.Wait for the player to finish with his/her swing for the next player to tee up.
3.Wait for the group ahead of you to move out of range to play.
4.Maintain a good pace and avoid slow play. If the group ahead of you is one or more holes ahead, allow the group behind to play through.
5.When searching for a lost ball, please wave up the group behind to allow them to play through. Once the party behind you has been notified, refrain from playing until the group has moved out of range.
6.When hitting a ball in the bunker, enter and exit the bunker from the low side at a point nearest to the ball. Do not leave more footprints than necessary or run up the steep face to the green. Please rake the footprints before leaving the area.
7.Replace and repair any divots and ball marks.
8.Be careful not to damage the green with spikes and other equipment. When retrieving a ball after a hole-in-one, remove the flagstick as not to damage the hole.
9.When on the course, discard cigarette butts and waste paper in the designated areas. Pay special attention when handling fires as not to cause fire hazards.
10.Do not practice swinging in the tee ground and fairway that may cause the removal of turf.
11.Once your group has finished the round, immediately leave the green and be mindful not to interfere with the group behind you.

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