Dress code

Basic policy of our dress code is wearing civilized dress which would not be too fancy on the whole and would not make other guests uncomfortable. We might warn or ask modification in case of breaking the dress code or being unsuitable for our golf club. 

Visitor Attire

Please wear a jacket (blazer) on arrival at the clubhouse. Casual outerwear is unsuitable. This will not apply during summer season, from June 15 to September 15. 

Please wear dress or business shoes on your arrival. Casual shoes such as sneakers or sandals are unsuitable.

Shirt should be what is applicable to play attire or one with collars such as a dress shirt.

Please refrain from wearing Jeans, cargo pants, sweat pants which are not permitted as play attire.

※ Play Attire  *Please see the images below for unsuitable attire. 

Men are asked to wear shirts or turtlenecks with turndown collars. Please refrain from wearing garments similar to T-shirts or sweatshirts as well as high-neck, or standing collar shirts.
Women are advised to wear shirts with turndown collars; however, high-neck and standing collar shirts are accepted.
Please ensure that the collar is high enough.
Please tuck shirt hems inside. Women's blouses that are designed to be worn with the hems out are accepted.


Slacks (pants, trousers)
Jeans, cargo pants, sweat pants
or similar slacks are not permitted.
For men, shorts are accepted only if they are long enough to cover knees. In the case of wearing knee socks, they must be in plain color.  For women, please refrain from wearing short skirts or hot pants as well as leggings,
leg warmers or similar items.

Attire in Restaurant or Lounge

・Please don't bring or come in with casual outers, rainwears or wind breaker.

・Please don't come in with shorts after playing. 

・For further points, dress code is same as Visitor Attire.

The clothes which have you decline

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